Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Handling Tools

Fluoro Mechanic is a leading manufacturer of wafer handling tools for the global semiconductor industry. Our products include vacuum wands (vacuum tweezers, vacuum pens), manual wands (wafer tweezers), vacuum pumps, tubing, etc. ESD safe products and tweezers for 12-inch (300mm) wafer handling are also available. Thank you for taking your time to visit our wafer handling site.
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300mm (12-inch) wafer handling tools
Wafer tweezers and Vacuum wand (Vacuum pen) for 12-inch (300mm) silicon wafer handling
Manual Wand / Vacuum Wand

Vacuum Wand Manual Wand (Wafer Tweezers)
Vacuum Pump Interactive Catalog
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Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Handling and Processing Tools: Vacuum Wands, Wafer Tweezers, HEPA Vacuum Pumps, ESD Safe Tweezers, Vacuum Pens for SMD/Die Handling, Wafer Handling Tools for 300mm (12-inch) Wafers

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