Vacuum Wand for Wafer Handling

  • Our unique valve* ensures reliable suction and release of a semiconductor wafer.
  • The well polished inner wall of the valve part minimizes particle generation.
  • The optically polished wafer tip provides excellent adhesion to a wafer.
  • The vacuum wand body can be easily detached from the tubing.
*US Patent 6176265B1, Japanese Patents 1698352/1885465

You can find the vacuum wand which meets your requirements on our interactive catalog.

Vacuum Wand C series for ESD protection
ESD Safe Vacuum Wand (Vacuum Pen, Vacuum Tweezers) for Semiconductor Wafer Processing: The wafer tip is made of Conductive PEEK. Vacuum pens for SMD/die handling are available.
Vacuum Wand F series Teflon(R) body
Teflon Vacuum Wand (Vacuum Pen) for Wafer Handling: The wand body is made of Teflon(R) for chemical resistance. Vacuum pens for die/SMD handling are available.
Vacuum Wand Accessories / Parts

Vacuum Wands for die and small diameter semiconductor wafer handling

Do not touch the small hole on the vacuum wand body during operation.

Please contact our distributor for more information.

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