ESD Safe Vacuum Wands for 12-inch Semiconductor Wafer Handling

Item Valve Type Joint Type Body Tip
C001-Y-99-CP NC Fixed C001-Y 99-CP
C002-Y-99-CP NO Fixed C002-Y 99-CP
C003-Y-99-CP NO+SW Fixed C003-Y 99-CP
Please order the Body and Tip separately.
e.g. C001-Y and 99-CP

Fluoro Mechanic Vacuum Pick Up Tool: ESD Safe Vacuum Wand (Vacuum Pencil, Vacuum Pen) for 300mm (12-inch) Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Handling: Static protection provided by the conductive nylon body and the conductive PEEK wafer tip. ESD tweezers and vacuum pens for SMD/die handling also available.
Length: 300mm, Weight: 31g

Accessories / Parts

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Vacuum Wands for die and small diameter semiconductor wafer handling

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