Manual Wand for 12-inch Semiconductor Wafer Handling

  • Designed to handle 12-inch semiconductor wafers
  • Withstands up to 130C continuously
  • No glue or metal parts
PEEK Wafer Tweezers for 12-inch Silicon Wafer Handling: The unique design ensures to handle a delicate and fragile semiconductor wafer softly but firmly without excessive touch. The surfaces of a wafer are never scratched in contrast to metal wafer tweezers. Wafer edge contact: 10mm(Top), 16mm(Bottom)
Less force is required to handle wafers thanks to the lockable lever.
Made of PEEK (Polyetheretherketon)
Wafer edge contact: 10mm(Top), 16mm(Bottom)
Length: 180mm, Weight: 77g

Click on the photo to download the drawing.

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