HEPA Filter Kit for Vacuum Pump FV-30/60/W-110/240

HEPA Filter Kit for Diaphragm Vacuum Pump FV-30/60/W-110/240: Do not let the pump inhale dust or fluid. ESD wafer tweezers and vacuum pens for die/SMD handling also available.

How to Change HEPA Filters

1: Unscrew the adjust knob. (FV-W-110/240 Only)
2: Remove the labels. (Top Cover Only)
3: Unscrew the screws.
4: Open the cover.
5: Change the filter.
6: Close the cover.
7: Screw the screws.
8: Attach the new labels. (Top Cover Only)

Change intervals vary depending on ambient conditions.

Please contact our distributor for more information.

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