Button for Vacuum Wand

Button for PTFE Vacuum Wand (Vacuum Tweezers): Our unique valve ensures reliable suction and release of a semiconductor wafer. ESD tweezers and vacuum pens for SMD/die handling are also available.
PEEK Button for F series
Button for ESD Safe Vacuum Wand (Vacuum Tweezers): The optically polished wafer tip provides excellent adhesion to a silicon wafer. ESD tweezers and vacuum pencils for die/SMD handling are available.
Conductive Nylon Button for C series

Click on the photo to download the drawing.

Hex Wrench (Part Number 930) available.

Connector Body Tube Valve Button
Ball Seat Collet Chuck Cap Metal Tube

Component Parts List for C series Vacuum Wand

Component Parts List for F series Vacuum Wand

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